Frequently asked questions


What are the selection criteria for participation at the Forum?
Entry at the Forum shall depend on priority and on the answers provided by the candidates to the questions on the application form.  Moreover, the Forum's intention is to have participants from as many countries as possible.  

What is the definition of a storyteller "at the beginning of his/her storytelling journey"? 
Participation at the Forum is open to all adult storytellers that have completed a first training "cycle" in storytelling and consider themselves to be at the first stage of their storytelling journey (irrespective of duration).  

I have applied to participate at the Forum. When shall I know whether I have been selected or not? 
All the participants having been selected to participate at the Forum shall receive an e-mail by the organizers confirming their acceptance. 
I would like to book my air tickets as early as possible. The 20th of April is already late and prices risk to go up.  

Could you please inform me earlier than that date?
The organizers shall strive to inform selected participants wishing to make early arrangements as soon as possible on condition that they tick the relevant field on the Participation Form. 

I would like very much to participate but am not quite sure that I can meet my financial obligations within the set deadline.  
Participation at the Forum shall depend on order of priority in all cases. There will be a reserve list. All those having lost their turn will be entered there and informed in case vacancies occur. 


I am interested in participating at the Storytelling Forum.  What is the participation fee?
The Forum participation fee is 25 € and includes the participation fee and the Forum material (folder, stationery, programme, etc.)

Are there any extra fees or expenses?
No, the participants won’t have to pay anything else. 

Is reservation necessary?
The number of participants at the Forum is limited. Order of priority will be strictly maintained.  
The candidates having been selected for participation and notified per e-mail by the organizers have to confirm their participation.   To do this each participant has to send at the latest until May 10, 2018 a scanned copy of his/her air ticket per e-mail.  
Greek residents have to deposit the total amount of their participation fee at the bank and send us a scanned copy of the payment receipt per e-mail.  The deadline for the deposit is May 10, 2018. 


Could you give me more information about the Forum venue? 
The island of Kea or Tzia is a small Aegean island located at a distance of about one (1) hour from Athens by boat.  During the summer, there is frequent connection with mainland Greece via ferry-boat.  For more information on the island of Kea please go to the following websites:



What is the best accommodation option for Kea?
Accommodation depends largely on one's personal preferences and finances.  
Please note, however, that due to its natural beauty and proximity to Athens, during the summer, Kea is particularly popular especially in the weekend.  Please be provident and book your accommodation as early as possible.   

I will be coming alone to Kea and have no one to share a room.  Can you help me find someone?
The Forum organizers intend to bring the participants in touch in order to facilitate arrangements on similar issues.  

Are there organized camping facilities on Kea? 
The Kea camping facilities are 16 km (approx. 30 minutes) away from the Forum venues.  Therefore, we do not recommend the camping facilities unless one has a car or other means or private transportation.  

Could you give me more information regarding transportation?  
The transportation costs shall be entirely born by the participants.  Kea, however, is a small island and distances are short.  There are regular bus and taxi services and the possibility to rent a car or motorbike. 

Can I use a bicycle to move in Kea? 
One can use a bicycle to go from Korissia to Mylopotamos and back and from Korissia to Otzia Beach and back.  The journey from Korissia to Ioulida is a difficult one due to the sharp slope of the road.  

Could you tell me more about the locations where the Forum will be held?
The Forum will be held outdoors.  (traditional cobbled paths, archaeological sites, beaches and location of historical importance).

Will we have to walk for the requirements of the Forum?
Walking from one Forum location to the next is necessary on in Ioulida.  In fact, the Forum shall move around in the traditional settlement of Ioulida. We shall walk along the ancient, cobbled path and visit the archaeological site.  Total distance to be covered: approx. four (4) km. 

Could you give me more information regarding board?
The board costs shall be entirely born by the participants.  There is a multitude of restaurants and taverns on Kea that propose a large assortment of local and international culinary options at a wide range of prices.  There are also supermarkets where one can purchase food items.  

On which locations on Kea shall the Forum be held?
The Forum venues include Ioulida, Korissia (the port of Kea), Mylopotamos and the beach of Otzias.   
From the port of Kea (Korissia) can I reach the remaining Forum venues on foot?  
It is feasible. The longest distance to cover is 5.5 km.  

Korissia – Ioulida: 5.5 km (a total of 11 km for the return journey) 
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes (uphill).  You may also choose to take the ancient path and 2 of the 5.5 km along a superb cobbled path. 

Korissia – Mylopotamos: 2.2 km or 25 minutes (easy to walk, the slope is not sharp). 

Korissia – Otzias: 5.4 km (a total of approx. 11 km for the return journey) 
1 hour and 20 minutes (easy to walk, the slope is not sharp).


How to come to the island of Kea?
Kea is linked by ferry with the ports of Lavrio, Kythnos and Syros. There are daily routes between Lavrio and Kea. Check out this year’s routes schedule here.
You reach Lavrio via Attika Tollway driving towards Markopoulo, or via the coastal road (Poseidonos Avenue and Athens-Sounion Avenue).
Take the Suburban Railway (Proastiakos) and get off at Koropi. From there, take the bus to Lavrio. It takes approx. 40 minutes to reach the port.

The ferries to Kea leave from the port of Lavrion and the trip lasts approximately 1 hour.
For your trip to Kea, it is better to have some euro coins (about 12.50 Euros) to avoid the cues of the exchange desks.
Check out this year’s routes schedule HERE.

Take the Regional Bus Service (KTEL) to the port of Lavrio. There is a KTEL tickets kiosk at the airport where you can buy your tickets. The line departs from the Arrivals Level, opposite the airport hotel (Sofitel).  Change bus at Markopoulo.
The bus trip lasts: 40’ – 50’
Ticket cost: 5€
Schedule Information:

You can reach Lavrion via Markopoulo – Lavrio road. (The trip lasts 30’ – 40’)
Approximate Taxi Fares from Athens Airport
Athens Airport – Lavrio Port
05:00-24:00 Cost: ±50 €
00:00-05:00 (Night) Cost: ±70 €
The Taxi trip lasts: 30 min

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